The choice of materials is a deciding factor in the quality and performances of a product, that is the reason why ILEX offers its customers a large range of plastic materials :

      Flexible and rigid PVC.
Homo/co-polymeric polypropylene.
Low/medium/high density polyethylene.
6, 6/6, 11 and 12 polyamides.
Acetal resin (POM)
Elastomer (Vyram, Santoprene, PP/EPDM…)
Expanded materials

All these materials can come in a variety of forms according to different requirements.

22 extrusion lines of various capacities are available

      2 lines of twin-screw extrusion Ø 50, 1 Ø 65
3 cone-shaped double screws intended for the extrusion of stiff PVC shaped pipes.
1 line of twin-screw extrusion Ø 65
1 mono screw Ø 90
1 mono screw Ø 75
1 mono screw Ø 70
2 mono screw Ø 60
11 mono screw Ø 45
1 mono screw Ø 30
2 lines of co-extrusion Ø 30

All these extrusion lines are equipped with peripherals (input-output devices), cutting devices, flex rewinds, continuous control systems, air-conditioned workshops, and are controled by computer–assisted production management.